H E L L O & W E L C O M E

Thank you for swinging by to learn more about Otto Kelly Photography & ME!

I've been capturing weddings and portraits for 5 years and still love every aspect of what I do. I began photographing in high school as the yearbook photographer (Go Helix High!) and absolutely could not put my camera down. I enjoyed meeting people and capturing, well pretty much everything. Then, like most people, I took a break to explore other hobbies and passions, but I'm not surprised one bit that my life led me back to my camera. I guess it was meant to be after all. <3

My style is often described as colorful, bright, & warm. The whole process from start to finish is important, especially the editing stage. I wanted to create a style that every generation could enjoy and appreciate. That's the product I strive to deliver to my clients for every photoshoot.

Otto Kelly Photography is also a husband & wife business when booking both photography and videography. There are so many wonderful benefits of booking a photo+video team. We love what we do and help each other out during the whole process, from booking, planning, and of course during the day of our client's event or wedding. We are a great team and we take pride in our products. You can view more at www.reelthreadfilms.com or on here! If you are only interested in one service, that's fine too. We have experience working with other vendors and always enjoy networking.


*I'm married to a great man and we have two sweet boys - a fun, active 4 year old and 1 year old. Two VERY active boys. Life is busy but we love it.

*My mothers side of the family is from Guadalajara, Mexico & my fathers side of the family is from Appleton, Wisconsin. A nice little mix from both.

*I LOVE COFFEE. It's seriously "life" and I can't function without it. haha.

*One of my first jobs was at an aquarium shop in La Mesa, CA. After 15 years I still have a saltwater reef tank. My husband primarily takes care of it now. oops.

*Sadly, our adorable husky & chihuahua passed away in 2020. They are greatly missed! We recently adopted a pup in 2023. His name is Baxter and we're so happy to have him apart of our family. <3

*We enjoy cooking when we have time. We're big Gordon Ramsey fans and love watching cooking shows. The hubby can make an amazing beef Wellington. ;)

*We're kinda obsessed with Disneyland and visit every chance we get!

*Love movies and shows, so yes I'm often on Netflix and other streaming sites. I secretly enjoy horrible reality shows too, don't you dare judge. haha

*Thrifty butter pecan ice cream is the best. Or just good ole strawberry (Haagen Daz pleassee).

*If I could travel anywhere it would be Italy, Germany....um well pretty much all of Europe. We had a blast in Ireland and cannot wait to go back. 

That's all for now ;)